A delectable and desirable bite of
chocolate for your most intimate

HAPPY 🖤 ENDING – Alice Mushrooms


Happy Ending Mushrooms. Reasonably exchanged natural dark chocolate, natural Cordyceps from 100 percent fruiting body mushrooms, ashwaganda, maca, h-goat weed, munuca, damiana, tribulus, cayenne pepper and ceylon cinnamon. Together, these fixings convey a prompt lift to your craving while at the same time working on long haul wellbeing for all sexes.

Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher.

Allergens: Coconut
Processed on shared equipment and may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, or soy.

How It Works

Like Talk and Nightcap, Cheerful Completion is formed with a “presently and later” approach. Every wanton chomp consolidates the effective impacts of home grown supplements and nootropics with the longterm advantages of utilitarian mushrooms and adaptogens. Happy Ending Mushrooms

This matching makes an item that works quickly and just gets more grounded, more powerful, and successful with time. The outcome: a liberal everyday schedule that is really great for yourself and just gets more pleasurable as time passes.

Dosing Guidelines 

One square suits most.

Appreciate one portion of Cheerful Completion everyday to cultivate want. For a quick lift, enjoy no less than 30 minutes ahead of time for the most ideal experience.


1 Tin(16 Doses), 2 Tins(32 Doses), 4 Tins(64 Doses)


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