spreading the force of mushrooms in the most superb ways that are available.

alice is your confided in guide for mushroom investigation. she is a searcher of joy, a buddy of the obscure, and an understudy of the brain. alice will enjoy your curiosity and your yearning. also, light you secretive new ways. walk them with her, curiouser and curiouser.

why alice

long term benefits, instant effects

a wellness routine that you can look forward to.

Alice was conceived out of a craving to give individuals what neither the drug business nor supplements have given: protected, compelling consumables that pair long haul benefits with prompt lifts to mental working.

We endured two years working with homeopathic specialists, groups of formulators and chocolatiers to make something strong and scrumptious — part of a health schedule that you can anticipate every day.

a distinction you can feel.

Our decadent chocolate treats consolidate the best natural, fruiting-body mushrooms with the best nootropics and adaptogens. This association coordinates the drawn out advantages of mushrooms with the quick impacts of the nootropics, and keeps you on your excursion into the enjoyments of growths. The outcome: a liberal day to day schedule that is great for yourself and just gets better with time.

alice mushrooms

the ladies behind alice.

Alice is a female-established organization made by Lindsay Goodstein, an innovative chief, local area developer, and previous drug leader who has gone through years concentrating on mushrooms, and Charlotte Cruze, a food researcher and health authority who has constructed creative, ground breaking food brands. The couple endured two years teaming up with homeopathic specialists, formulators and generational chocolatiers to foster normally liberal treats that feature the force of mushrooms.

alice mushrooms

advocating for all mushrooms.

Despite the fact that Alice items feature utilitarian mushrooms, we are energetic about the potential for psilocybin mushrooms to assist with recuperating injury, oversee regular burdens and give individuals pleasure. Alice gives a part of benefits to The Expectation Undertaking and is an establishing individual from the Microdosing Aggregate, two non-benefits pushing for admittance to hallucinogenic help and examination.

Who is Alice?

Alice is your confided in guide for mushroom investigation. She is a searcher of joy, a friend of the obscure, and an understudy of the psyche.

Enjoy your interest here

Will Alice's mushrooms make you trip?

No way. Practical mushrooms (what we use at Alice) have no hallucinogenic properties and can’t incite an excursion.

Assuming you’re keen on becoming familiar with those exceptional mushrooms, nonetheless, you can peruse more about Alice’s main goal and humanitarian work

What does fruiting body mushrooms mean?

The fruiting body is the most supplement thick piece of the mushroom and contains the most noteworthy grouping of dynamic mixtures that give restorative advantages. Alice solely utilizes 100 percent fruiting body mushroom removes (many organizations rather use mycelium since it costs less).

For more mycological insight, look at our glossary.

Can i take Alice if i have health issues or if I’m pregnant?

Continuously counsel your PCP prior to rolling out any improvements to your wellbeing and health routine in the event that you have ongoing medical problems or on the other hand assuming you are pregnant.

Are your chocolates vegan friendly?

Indeed! Our chocolate and our mushrooms are additionally affirmed natural.

How should i store my chocolates?

Alice chocolates are most joyful at room temperature. Store them in a cool, dry spot.

I’m new to mushrooms. What should i know?

We’ve made an asset only for you. Look at our glossary what separates everything a new mycophile ought to be aware.

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